Regulations of participation in Songwriting Camp Poland


Creative Activities Association ArteWeda (Stowarzyszenie Działań Kreatywnych ArteWeda), ul. Zwycięstwa 14, 57-540 Lądek-Zdrój, NIP: 8811499233, REGON: 369912844 00000 – Songwriting Camp Poland Department.

Event purpose and goals:

Creating verbal and musical works as well as verbal and musical works, which have a real chance of appearing on the Polish music market, Recording of sound material in professional recording studios, Raising the level of creativity, performance and production, Expanding knowledge about the current music market, Raising the level of awareness in the field of copyright, Popularizing creative activities in cooperation with other creators, Stimulating active participation in activities related to music culture, Networking and sharing creative experiences.

Date and location:

01.10.2023 r. – 08.10.2023 r.

Chata Morgana
Jastrowiec 15
59-420 Bolków


Conditions of participation:

  1. Songwriting Camp Poland workshops (hereinafter also referred to as Camp) are open to composers, songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists and producers – amateurs and professionals.
  2. The condition for participation is to send min. 2 original works, along with a properly completed Application Form, available at in the “Application Form” tab.
  3. The form should be sent by August 20, 2023. Incomplete applications or applications sent after the deadline will be automatically rejected.
  4. Sending the Form requires reading the Information Clause for persons wishing to participate in Songwriting Camp Poland workshops, and then agreeing to the processing of personal data in the appropriate field of the Form. The collected personal data of participants will be used only for the purpose of implementing the Camp (including recruitment), as well as as part of information and promotional activities regarding the Camp.
  5. The participant will be notified about the qualification by e-mail and telephone by September 1, 2023.
  6. The selection of participants will be made by an independent, qualified committee appointed by the Organizers, paying particular attention to i.a. composition, arrangement, text, sound qualities and general artistic expression of the submitted recordings.
  7. The committee’s decisions are final and indisputable.
  8. By September 15, 2023, each qualified participant will pay the entry fee of PLN 2,200 to the bank account indicated by the organizer by e-mail,
  9. Failure to pay the entry fee within the prescribed period results in removal from the list of participants.
  10. The organizers provide:
    professional studio equipment for recording sound material,
    experienced producers,
    participation of stars of the Polish stage in creative and recording sessions,
    lectures on copyright,
    discussion panels on the broadly understood music industry,
    presentations of the latest technological achievements in the field of studio work,
    full board from 01/10/2023 to 08/10/2023
    accommodation in the period 01/10/2023 – 08/10/2023
    friendly and comfortable creative atmosphere.
  11. The participant comes to the Songwriting Camp Poland workshop at his own expense.
  12. The participant undertakes to bring his own instrumentation, which will be used for recording purposes.
  13. Participation in Songwriting Camp Poland workshops is tantamount to acceptance of an equal percentage division of royalties due for the use of songs created as part of the event. The authors of the work participate in the distribution of royalties, including its producer, who is included in the group of authors of a specific work as a co-author (e.g. 1 song/4 authors = 25% of shares each).
  14. Participation in the Songwriting Camp Poland workshops is tantamount to granting free consent to record, photograph, film or make any other type of recording of the participant’s image or statements in connection with the Workshops, and to disseminate or show this image and voice in connection with any program presenting the event or the activities of the Organizers. In this way, short fragments of works written during the Camp can also be disseminated. The Participant is not entitled to any claims against the Organizers in this respect.
  15. During the Songwriting Camp Poland workshop, the participant is obliged to:
    participation in all classes (creative and recording sessions, lectures, discussion panels, presentations, workshops) provided for in the program;
    appearing for classes on time;
    take care of your own safety and that of other participants;
    maintaining personal culture, as well as respecting the views and beliefs of other participants and other guests of the event;
    observe cleanliness in the facilities and spaces where the Songwriting Camp Poland workshops will be held;
    unconditional compliance with the internal order regulations of the facilities and the rules for using the entrusted equipment and devices.
    comply with the instructions of the Organizers or persons indicated by them
  16. A participant’s failure to appear at any of the creative and recording sessions for reasons other than illness or force majeure results in exclusion from further participation in Songwriting Camp Poland workshops. The organizer also has the right to exclude a participant in the event of reprehensible behavior during the event.
  17. The organizers will make every effort to ensure the safety of participants during Songwriting Camp Poland workshops. However, the Organizers are not liable for damages that the participant may suffer in connection with intentional non-compliance with the instructions of the Organizers or persons indicated by them and the safety rules in force at the Camp and outside its premises.
  18. The participant is obliged to behave in a way that does not threaten their own and other people’s safety, in particular to comply with health and safety regulations. The participant is responsible for damages caused during Songwriting Camp Poland workshops by the participant to third parties, including other participants, as well as for possible destruction or damage to property belonging to the Organizer or third parties.
  19. Participation in Songwriting Camp Poland workshops is tantamount to acceptance of the provisions of these rules of participation.