Stowarzyszenie Autorów ZAiKS (national authors association)

Event purpose and goals:

Creating text and music pieces, with a real chance of being established on Polish music market,
Recording audio material in the recording studios prepared for this purpose,
Improving level of creation, execution and production of music,
Extending knowledge regarding existing music market,
Increasing level of awareness regarding the copyright regulations,
Popularizing creating activities in cooperation with other authors,
Encouraging to actively participate in activities relating to the music culture,
Making contacts and sharing experience with other authors.

Date and location:

11.09.2022 r. – 18.09.2022
Domy Pracy Twórczej Stowarzyszenia Autorów ZAiKS “Halama” and “Orlik” Józefa Piłsudskiego 26, 34-500 Zakopane.

Participation conditions:

1. Participants of the Songwriting Camp ZAiKS can be composers, text authors and songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists and producers.

2. Prerequisite of participation is sending min. 2 pieces of one’s own, along with a correctly completed application form, found at in the APPLICATION tab..The form needs to be submitted by 05.07.2022. Applications submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

3. Once accepted, the participant will be informed of this fact by e-mail by 15.07.2022.

4. Participants will be selected by and independent and qualified committee, designated by the organizers, which will pay special attention to the compositions, arrangements, lyrics, sound features, and overall artistic expression of the recordings.

5. Decisions made by the committee will be ultimate and indisputable.

6. Each qualified participant will make an entry fee by 22.07.2022 (the entry fee includes: creative and recording sessions, lectures on copyright, presentations of technological innovations in the field of studio work, and discussion panels regarding the music industry) in the amount of PLN 1200 to a bank account:

Dom Pracy Twórczej „Halama” w Zakopanem :
Bank account: 61 1240 6292 1111 0010 3901 4710

The entry fee is not refundable in the event of cancellation of participation in the ZAiKS Songwriting Camp.

7. The organizer issues an invoice for participation in the event.

8. Should the fee transfer miss the deadline, the participant will be removed from the list.

9. Organizers will provide:

professional studio equipment for recording of audio materials (four recording studios),
experienced music producers,
participation of Polish music stage stars, both in creation and recording sessions,
lectures on the copyright regulations,
discussion panels on the latest technological innovations regarding studio work,
all-day catering for event dates of 11 – 18.09.2022,
lodging for all the event days of 11 – 18.09.2022,
friendly and cosy atmosphere to enhance the creation process.

9A. In connection with the Organizer’s – Association of Authors ZAiKS costs of full board and accommodation of the participant within 11-18.09.2022, the Association of Authors ZAiKS will make an advance payment of the participant’s income tax, in accordance with applicable regulations.

10. Participants cover their travelling expenses to Songwriting Camp ZAiKS.

11. Participants are obliged to bring their own instruments for the recording purposes.

12. Participation in Songwriting Camp ZAiKS acknowledges acceptance of the equal percentage division of the royalties related to pieces created during the event. Only the creators of the particular piece will be benefiting from the royalties division (e.g. 1 song / 4 creators = 25% share each)

13. Music producer is included to the group of authors of a particular piece as a co-creator with the same right to participate in the share of royalties as the participants and stars.

14. Participation in the Songwriting Camp ZAiKS acknowledges a voluntary agreement for being audio-recorded, photographed, filmed, or being captured by other image media within the event, as well as publishing the mentioned image and voice in any programs presenting the event or the activity of the organizers. Participants will not be entitled to any claims towards the organizers in this regard.

15. Participants are obliged to keep the general safety regulations regarding themselves and others, to avoid any harmful situations.

16. The Participant bears the cost of any damage resulting from deliberate action to the detriment of the Organizers.

17. Participants are obliged to obey the order instructions of the organizer or individuals designated by the organizers.

18. Participation in the Songwriting Camp ZAiKS acknowledges acceptance of the above list of rules and regulations.