Songwriting Camp ZAiKS is a unique event on a European scale; is the only event in Europe dedicated to creators – composers, songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists and music producers – offering:

  • professional recording studios
  • experienced sound engineers
  • participation of Polish stage stars
  • lectures on copyright
  • presentations of the latest technological innovations in the field of recording equipment
  • discussion panels on the broadly understood music industry
  • perfect creative atmosphere!

Songwriting Camp ZAiKS is a meeting place for composers, songwriters, instrumentalists, vocalists, and producers from all over Europe. Throughout the week, qualified participants from the submitted applications have the opportunity to create and record songs and music, together with invited stars and producers.

However, the purpose of the event is not only to create, but above all to share creative experiences and establish musical friendships. It is also expanding knowledge about the current music market, raising awareness in the field of copyright, popularizing creative activities in cooperation with other creators, and stimulating active participation in activities related to musical culture.



  • producers, composers, text and song authors, instrumentalists and vocalists
  • invited stars
  • participants chosen from the open applications


  One of the world’s most famous drummers

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Vocalist, songwriter and composer.

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  Polish-Danish artist, composer, songwriter, dubbing actor, television personality and an eternal dreamer.

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Composer, multi-instrumentalist.

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Polish rapper and music producer

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  Vocalist, composer and songwriter.

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Vocalist, composer, songwriter.

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  Vocalist, instrumentalist, composer, songwriter. Leader and co-founder of the Tilt and Brygada Kryzys bands.

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Yesterday, Michał Szpak. Tomorrow is Jupiter.

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  Vocalist, actress, songwriter, performer.

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Leszek Możdżer is one of the most outstanding Polish jazz musicians.

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11.09 – 18.09.2022


Dom Pracy Twórczej Stowarzyszenia Autorów ZAiKS “Halama” w Zakopanem

Dom Pracy Twórczej Stowarzyszenia Autorów ZAiKS “Orlik” w Zakopanem