kompozytorka, autorka tekstów, wokalistka, dj-ka, twórczyni muzyki elektronicznej

  Universal artist. Songwriter, composer, music producer, and lawyer by profession specializing in copyright.

    Composer, songwriter, music producer.

    Sławek Wierzcholski and Nocna changing Blues is a classic! They have their well-deserved place in the history of Polish popular music and entries in encyclopedias.

    Rapper, vocalist and producer. He permanently cooperates with Jarecki, DJ BRK and the band Sanepid (Łukasz Bzowski, Michał Maliński, Grzegorz Posłuszny and Jakub Mitoraj).

    Vocalist, composer, songwriter, founder and leader of the band BANDA and WANDA.

  Natalia Przybysz is one of the most interesting female voices on the native music scene, but also a composer and songwriter. She met in 2001, when she and her sister Paulina made their debut co-creating Sistars. The band turned out to be a phenomenon, creating a new quality on the Polish market, winning awards,…

    An artist who redefined Polish electronic music, raising it to the rank of poetry. He made himself known to a wider audience, appearing in the duo Bass Astral x Igo.

    A singer, pianist, guitarist and composer, elusive in genre and style.

  Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, known for his charismatic and lively introductions with the leading role of the violin in the rock-metal company of guitars and drums. A member of the Hunter and Our Days Band.