Polish singer, composer, songwriter, actress.

  Polish-Czech female singer, songwriter, Composer, producer, TV host and celebrity.

A hip-hop performer from the city of Szczecin. Member of bands: BonSoul, Almost Famous.

  Musician, vocalist, composer, text author, music producer. Initiator and author of the success of De Mono band.

  Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, co-creator of the most successful hits of „Budka Suflera” band.

    Polish conductor and composer. His artistic achievements include both solo, chamber, choir and orchestra pieces, as well as oratorios, pop music and movie soundtracks.

  For nearly two decades she has been enchanting listeners with her voice in groups such as Sistars, Pinnawela, Rita Pax, and Archeo.

Composer, arranger, text author, producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, creator of eccentric videoclips and magical choreography.