Multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, co-creator of the most successful hits of „Budka Suflera” band.

Winner of rock, pop and jazz festivals, owner of every existing music awards in Poland, movie and theater composer, author of TV shows themes and scores. Musician who has recorded over 300 albums with greatest performers, most of which have been sold out to the level of multi-platinum. Board member of ZAiKS, SAWP, ZZM RP, ZAKR, PSJ and creative Poland. Full bio and album list of the artist available at

He worked in cooperation with stars as: Haliną Frąckowiak i Krzysztofem Cugowskim, Ireną Santor, Marią Koterbską, PerfectBanda i WandaEwa Bem, Wojciech GąssowskiStachursky, Zdzisława SośnickaJan KaczmarekTercet EgzotycznyUrszulaMartyna Jakubowicz