Leszek Możdżer is one of the most outstanding Polish jazz musicians.

He is a world-class pianist, a brave explorer and original composer, distinguished by his own musical language. He was born on March 23, 1971 in Gdańsk. He began learning to play the piano at the age of five and, having passed all levels of education, obtained a diploma from the Gdańsk Academy of Music in 1996. He became interested in jazz when he was in high school. He won the spurs in the group of clarinetist Emil Kowalski, and he made his first rehearsal with Miłość on his 20th birthday. In the early years of his musical activity, he was also a member of the Zbigniew Namysłowski quartet. In 1992, he received an individual award at Jazz Juniors and it was the first drop of a heavy rain of awards that would fall on him for the next few years. Since then, he has won all subsequent polls of the readers of „Jazz Forum” in the „Piano” category and has been repeatedly recognized as the Musician of the Year.

Leszek Możdżer has recorded albums with the most outstanding Polish jazz musicians: Tomasz Stańka (Pożegnanie z Marią), Janusz Muniak (One And Four), Michał Urbaniak (Live In Holy City), Piotr Wojtasik (Lonely City and Quest with Billy Harper and Hope with Dave ’ em Liebman), Adam Pierończyk (Live In Sofia and 19-9-1999), Henryk Miśkiewicz (I don’t want to sleep), Anna Maria Jopek (including Bosa, Barefoot, Upojenie, Farat). He also recorded with Zbigniew Preisner (including Requiem for my friend and 10 Easy Pieces for Piano). For years, he has also been working with Jan Kaczmarek who lives in Los Angeles (recordings for 20th Century Fox and Mira Max labels) – including the recording of Oscar-winning music for Finding Neverland.

Możdżer has performed and recorded with international stars such as: David Friesen, Pat Metheny, Arthur Blythe, Buster Williams, Billy Harper, Joe Lovano, Archi Shepp, David Liebman, Charles Fox, Lester Bowie, David Gilmour, Marcus Miller, John Scofield, Steve Swallow, Eddi Daniels, Tan Dun. The pianist finds himself most at home in solo and original trio projects with Lars Danielsson and Zohar Fresco.

Since 2011, Leszek Możdżer has been the artistic director of the open-air music festival on Lake Strzeszyński in Poznań – Enter Music Festival.

Icarus received for the Music for the Film

Golden Lions for Best Music
Orzeł (Polish Film Award) – Award in the category: Best Music
Krakow (Film Music Festival) – Award for the best Polish soundtrack
Tarnów (Tarnów Film Award) – Special Jury Award for „erudition and creative, full of virtuosity reconstruction of Mieczysław Kosz’s music”
Fryderyk (phonographic industry award) in the category: Illustrative music
Ostrów Wielkopolski (Grand Prix Komeda. Krzysztof Komeda Film Festival) -Grand Prix Komeda
Dazzling, Onet.pl award

During the seven editions of the JAZZ nad Odra festival, he was the artistic director.

To date, Leszek Możdżer has recorded over 100 albums, including many under his own name:

Chopin – Impressions, 1994
Makowicz vs Możdżer, The Carnegie Hall NYC, EMI 2004
Piano, Arms Records 2004
The Time – Możdżer, Danielsson, Fresco; Outside Music 2005 (Diamond Record status)
Between Us And The Light – Możdżer, Danielsson, Fresco; Outside Music 2006 (Double Platinum Status Two Weeks After Release)
Pasodoble – Lars Danielsson & Leszek Możdżer, ACT 2007
Live CD & DVD – Możdżer, Danielsson, Fresco; Outside Music 2007
Firebird VII – Phil Manzanera, Leszek Możdżer, Charles Hayward, Yaron Stavi; Expression Records 2008
Kaczmarek by Możdżer, Universal 2010
Komeda – Leszek Możdżer, Act Music 2011
The Last Set, Live at The A Trane – Leszek Możdżer & Walter Norris, Act Music 2012,
Mateusz’s All Women, Outside Music 2013
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I with Iiro Rantala and Michael Wollny, Act Music 2013,
Poland – Możdżer Danielsson Fresco, Outside Music, ActMusic, 2013 (Double Platinum Status)
The Very Best of Leszek Możdżer, Magic Records 2014
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic III with Lars Danielsson, Zohar Fresco and Atom String Quartet, Act Music 2015
Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic VII Piano Night with Iiro Rantala and Michael Wollny, Act Music 2017
Earth Particles from Holland Baroque, Outside Music 2017
Just ignore It with the Możdżer Trio, Danielsson, Fresco with the Holland Baroque orchestra, Outside Music 2021

The theater and film productions of Leszek Możdżer also deserve attention:

„Zjawienie Emilki”, Leszek’s composition for organ, choir and piano, based on a 19th-century poem by Jan Paweł Woronicz
„Immanuel Kant” – directed by Jerzy Lach at the Wrocław Opera
„Icarus” The legend of Mietek Kosz, directed by Maciej Pieprzyca
„Hair – love, rock musical” – Musical Theater in Gdynia
„Tango with Lady M.” – Polish Dance Theater in Poznań
„Summer Night’s Dream” – Musical Theater in Gdynia, October 2001
„Psychosis Sarah Kane” – directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna, staged in Dusseldorf
„Inspector” – Mikołaj Gogol, directed by Andrzej Domalik, Dramatic Theater in Warsaw