Polish-Czech female singer, songwriter, Composer, producer, TV host and celebrity.

Her first album was published in a Czech market on November 6, 2006 – „Měls mě vůbec rád”, became a hit and has been very popular (received double platinum). Her second album: „Ticho” came out on October 1, 2007, and received platinum in Czech as well. On November 7, 2008 her concert of June 17, 2008 from Prague, titled „Blíž ke hvězdám”, was published on a DVD. The DVD was showing one of 18 concerts from her tour which made Ewa the youngest Czech female performer in history, having her own tour. Her DVD has been awarded for best seller DVD in Czech Republic.

One year later Czech market welcomes “Virtuální” album and another concert tour. Ewa entered the Polish market on November 9, 2007 with the album „Sam na sam” [One-to-One], published by Universal Music Polska. It was a Polish version of her original album: „Měls mě vůbec rád”. Her second Polish album came out on March 16, 2009. The album was called: „Cicho” [Quiet] and it was awarded the album of the year at Sopot Hit Festival. Also the „Cicho” song became a radio hit of summer 2009, and Ewa was named the Discovery of Year 2009 and the Singer of the Year by VIVA COMET. 2010 brought her 5 awards from VIVA COMET, followed in further years by statuettes of Eska Music Awards, Mikrofony Popcornu, MTV EMA, Kids Choice Awards, Toptrendy, Bravoora, Superjedynka.

Third album arriving to the Polish market is called „EWAkuacja” [EVE-acuation] and contains both brand new songs as well as old hits from the Czech album “Virtualni”. The “EWAkuacja” album holds such hits as: EWAkuacja, Bez Łez [No Tears], Nie przegap [Do Not Miss It], and the main title song for the Disney production “Camp Rock 2”.

In the fall of 2012 Ewa appeared as a team coach in the 3rd edition of music TV show “Bitwa na głosy” [Battle of the Voices], where she reached the very finals, in spring 2013 she was a jury member of a Czech-Slovak TV show “Superstar” being their version of the “Idol”, and in the fall she became the youngest jury of Polish X Factor. At the same time she has been working on recording her very first and personal album.

 In November of 2013 a much more mature album came to light, called “(W)inna” [Guilty/Other], becoming a golden album only several weeks later! A year later, in November 2014, she publishes Czech version of “(W)inna” called “Leporello”- also in this case, Ewa resigns from publishing, in favour of compositions of her own and of her band members.

On November 6, 2015 a double-CD album „Inna“ [Other] comes out , one CD holding singles in new acoustic arrangements, the other one holding 3 brand new songs („TU“ [Here], Na ostrzu“ [At the Blade Edge], „Niekoniecznie“ [Not Necessarily]). Singles quickly receive the status of golden and platinum album, „Na ostrzu“ several weeks in a row being a top radio hit, which in overall yearly listings pushes it in 2016 to top ten of the Airplays. On November 11, at Forum Karlin in Prague a concert takes place initiating celebration of Ewa’s 10th anniversary of music stage presence. Czech media describe it as one of the most interesting musical events of 2016. End of 2016 brings Ewa new experience as she does voice over in the production of American animated movie SING; she also records a main title song for a Czech-Slovak-Polish rom-com „Wszystko albo nic“ [All or Nothing].

2017 brings her more of interesting projects – Ewa becomes a member of jury in the “IDOL” TV show returning to Poland after a 12-year break, and in 2018 Ewa becomes a captain of a 100-people team in a new music TV show called ALL TOGETHER NOWA.